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       Availability  and  prices

Net prices,   (Price all taxes included)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Last     bet   at     day     the   25   December     2021

                                                                                                         Prices   in   euros, by   rental     and   through   week  
                                                                                                         (Price     in   euros, per  person, per week)



Offer -15% in  winter   :  
2   weeks   consecutive     Where  2  apartments  reserved  the   same  week


            (Winter -15%   for     2  consecutive  weeks  gold   2  apartments  booked  for  tea  same  week)

         Book  from  at  here,   and  benefit  

             of   the  period  Who  you  agrees  the  better  ...

            Period                    Apartment 1        Apartment 2     Apartment 3

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